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This week we explore the idea of the ancient stories. What can we learn from them? What truths lie between the lines? How can we honor our culture while walking our own path? 

We've all done it....right? Make assumptions, that is. In this episode we explore the paths that assumptions can lead to and what it takes to overcome this narrative. 

The Power of What if

What if. Possibly the most powerful phrase in our language. There are two paths to take considering the power of what if. Which path will you choose?

How tightly are you holding to your former way of thinking? In this episode Mitch challenges us toward growth, maturity and wisdom. 

Part Time Buddha

We don't always have to get it right. In fact, most days don't go right at all. The challenge is to be fully present in each moment. This is what will guide us to fully living this...

We hold one of the greatest powers of the universe: words. In this episode we consider reading between the lines of the words we speak to ourselves and others. 

In this episode we explore the 4 keys to permissive leadership. If you're in a leadership position of any sort, these keys will change your life!

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