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The power of permission part 1 1- The power of personal permission 2- Fan the flame 3- Name the good (speak life) 4- EAT (feed your soul)

She Wants the White Guy

What does assumption make of us? Oh you know......... Take a listen to this weeks episode and learn a few things on assumptions. 

Jack Asses and Elephants

In episode 3 of season 2, we explore the relationship between policies, politics and people. Before anything, may we be human and leave our agendas at the door. 

The Exchanging of Lights

In episode 2 of season 2 we have our dear friend Isaiah Thomas on the show. Isaiah shares his story of struggle and courage while learning the wisdom of the exchanging of lights. 

Today we explore the idea of the ecclesia of humanity. The church or gathering of humanity. What does it look like to actually walk and live in love? To set aside our differences a...

Gathering. It is what we are called to do. In this episode we explore the three great callings of humanity.

Mind Wars

A replay of one our most popular podcast on how to win the battle of the mind. 

Ever played the game 'still as a tree?!' Maybe you should. Why? Because often doing nothing is actually doing everything. 

Ever thought of walking like a ninja? After today- I hope you do! PLUS- Wisdom Wednesday: Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau! Great book. Easy to follow steps and practices. 

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