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The Power of Strategy

You have a dream. You've developed a plan. Now it's time to breathe life into that dream and plan by creating your strategy. Strategy is the most undervalued element of making your...

Special guest Kilee Johnson joins us to discuss personal growth, the journey and spiritual discovery. Follow her IG: @kileejohnson  

It was awesome to hang with Miguel from Middle Theory Music. He shared with us his story, his current projects and even introduced us to one of his boys! Follow Miguel on social me...

The Power of Dreaming

There is more power in your dreams than imagined. Today we explore three reasons dreams are so powerful. 

As we wind down 2018 and begin to prepare for 2019, we explore the thought that the change you desire already exist. We simply must prepare ourselves to fully step into this change...

What story are you telling yourself? Do you need to change the narrative? In this episode Mitch inspires us with the idea of the power of storytelling. 

This week we explore the idea of the ancient stories. What can we learn from them? What truths lie between the lines? How can we honor our culture while walking our own path? 

We've all done it....right? Make assumptions, that is. In this episode we explore the paths that assumptions can lead to and what it takes to overcome this narrative. 

The Power of What if

What if. Possibly the most powerful phrase in our language. There are two paths to take considering the power of what if. Which path will you choose?

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